Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring? Spring!

Though it keeps trying to fool us, Spring definitely made an appearance today! The daffodils are nodding their lazy heads in the warm sun, the tulips are straining, hoping to open their red hearts to the gentle rays soon. The primlas are rioting... taking over the borders and rampaging whilst they can before the nigella take command!

It's been an interesting day. We got up early for a Sunday because Jack the Plumber and Mark the roofer were coming round to fix a leak. Yes, the least rain in ages and that's when we end up with a huge damp patch in the kitchen ceiling! But Jack sussed out it was external, and he and Mark spent Sunday morning in the sunshine spreading thick black goo on the roof. "This'll work fine, it's the same as the stuff they use for the Channel Tunnel". Goodness! I hope we never have to face that kind of water threat!

I did lots of gardening - mowed the back and front lawns, planted a rose, dug up some weeds, mended a step (started to, anyway) walked on the heath, and - delight of all delights - did tons of washing and ironing.

So the washing dried in the brisk spring sunshine - the chill wind helping of course. The blossom is out and the hyacinths are spicing the air with their sweetness. My cheeks are now red with air and my fingernails blunted by earth and stone.

It's such a shame it's going to rain again tomorrow
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