Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rearranging the blog layout

I watched a video on the net about how to add PayPal buttons to the blog and how to keep posts with saleable items on them easy to access. You see the 'labels' section? One of my labels is 'store' - and if you click on that, you can find the things (both of them!) that I can sell via this blog! Whoo hoo! I'm learning more and more. Oh, I mean 'I'm monetising my blog' (pah, jargon!)

Now all I have to do is see if anyone ever buys anything off me!

The clever thing about the labels though is that you can find stuff more easily - now I know how to use it properly, I'll be more careful how I label up my posts. And I want to do more book reviews, maybe some music ones too - all keeps me occupied and off the streets, eh?
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