Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ghost by Robert Harris

As well as being a writer and musician, I am also a prolific reader - so I thought I'd offer a couple of my own thoughts on 'good reads' I have had recently.

So - I'm starting with a book that I picked up without any recommendation, called The Ghost. It's not what you think - it isn't horror or even supernatural, it's about an individual engaged in the fascinating occupation of ghost writing.

The novel was about a ghost writer called in at the last minute to write the autobiography of a former UK Prime Minister. His predecessor came to a sticky end and this is just the start of a far more complicated story that slowly unfolds. I won't give away the plot, but I will tell you how much I enjoyed the book!

It was racy, politically smart, well written, engaging and the main character was very easy to identify with (because I like writing? Maybe!). The PM was excellent too - shades of Blair, but it could have been any contemporary British PM (I had a very pleasant mental image of Hugh Grant as he played the PM in the film 'Love Actually').

The story carries you on at a good pace, has a great ending and is written in a style that I personally found easy to read. It was a book I wanted to read all at once but my reading habits don't usually allow that. I won't trot out 'couldn't put it down' or the other usual corny comments that tend to grace the world of book reviewing, but I will say it was an excellent book, a terrific story and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it.

Genre? Well, it's a cracking good adventure story - but not in the traditional sense (no racing through deserts, but plenty of other action).

Here's the Amazon link to the book: The Ghost, Robert Harris


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