Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heacham Beach

This Sunday I went to visit a friend who I haven't seen in 5 years. It's not that we haven't meant to catch up.. it's just...

I drove up to Norfolk after my Sunday morning swim and the sun was shining. The drive was lovely, along the river, up the (slow but pretty) A10. We had tea, biscuits and a good natter. We sat in the sun lounge, looking out over the Wash.

We had a short walk along the beach too - I saw sanderlings, plovers and turnstones. The sanderlings (pretty little grey shore birds) hopped in and out of the shallows - and for some reason they did hop! If they wanted to move down the beach it was obviously too much effort to put the other foot down again so they hopped along in a very comical manner.
(This photo courtesy of www.watchingbirds.co.uk)

There was sunshine, but a cool wind. The atmosphere was relaxing and I just love the sound of the ocean. My friend has had to go back to her family in Spain, she has a difficult time ahead with a sick relative, but it was good to catch up, even though it was just a few short hours.

It was good to be by the sea again too. I really must go more often.

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