Thursday, January 10, 2008

Learning the American Way

"Baseball in the dark!"

On my last evening (after wonderfully grilled steaks prepared by Charley, Nadine's husband) I asked Tomas, her youngest son, how I should throw an American Football. I'd bought one to take back to my son Alex, so I wanted to show him how to throw it.

"Come outside into the yard.." and out in the yard, the front of the house with the concrete entrance by the drive and the obligatory basektball hoop, Tomas tried to teach me to throw - fingers on the stitches, get it to spin, let go just so...

I sort of got it. We then decided to try baseball (I'd also bought Alex a catcher's mitt and ball) so out came everyone's mitts, a couple of baseball bats and a ball. Now, a yard is not large enough for playing baseball and there are lots of car windows around and - did I mention? - it was dark. Nearly 10pm. Sean (Nadine's oldest son) appeared having been to the store to get supplies to make S'mores. Mmmmm! Graham crackers (a sweetened cracker), marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate.

Sean joined in the games - standing there in the dark in his pale pants (trousers!), hawaiian shirt and trilby hat, swinging a baseball bat. It got sort of surreal at this point so we went in to eat the s'mores.

Melted the marshmallows over an open fire (yes, an open fire in Arizona), put on the crackers with chocolate. All melted together ... wonderful! No calories, of course. Sean was extremely lively and cheerful, enjoying his s'mores and very chatty. Which, considering he'd been awake for nearly 30 hours (with only an hour nap) was quite amazing. I'll never understand their hours...
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