Thursday, January 10, 2008

A day at the botanic garden

"Hummingbirds and cottontails"

The first morning, and I awoke at 5.30am with Sean's alarm beeping madly. By the time I had oriented myself and found the light switch, it had stopped. I went back to sleep and woke at 8am when the dustmen came and emptied the dumpsters.

The trip for the day was the Botanic Gardens. It was beautiful - amazing cacti (barrel, cholla, all sorts!), I saw my first Joshua Tree, and hummingbirds! Wonderful creatures.

I saw cactus wren and many other coloured birds too - but the fun in the evening, at the end of our lovely day at the gardens, was climbing the Papago Hills in the dark and hearing the ghostly hoot of a horned owl!

That night I met Sean's friend Mike - and I played a bit of guitar and sang - very self-conciously!
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