Sunday, January 20, 2008

Holiday of a lifetime

My trip to America

A long flight from Heathrow to Chicago, then another flight from Chicago to Phoenix, plus a delay from Chicago meant that my travelling time from home to Phoenix was around 24 hours. But it didn't matter! Every moment of travel was worth it!

When I finally arrived at Phoenix airport at around 10pm local time, Nadine was there to meet me. Now, it may seem odd to some, but I had travelled half way round the world to go and visit someone I had never met. Nadine and I are 'internet buddes' - we've known each other for nearly two years via a writing circle we both belong to.

So when I first saw Nadine 'in the flesh' I wondered what she would be like, and wondered what she would make of me. The first thing I noticed was that - hey not really a surprise - she was a lot shorter than me. Or I was a lot taller than her, whichever way you look at it. But meeting her was easy - we found each other's company as easy in person as we did on line. So - now that I'd made it to the US, met Nadine (and her family), there was only one thing left to do... HAVE FUN!

Day one Mait, Nadine's middle son, made us pancakes. Amazing! Nothing like my flat and flaccid offerings. Delicious. We took an easy start to the day and then headed to the Botanic Garden, finishing with a dark climb up the Papago hill. An owl atop the hill hooted and did his impression firstly of a tourist, and then of a coyote, but the 'hoo hoooo, hoo' kind of convinced me that the shadowy outline really was a great horned owl.

More pictures: PictureTrail
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