Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grand Canyon

"Words and pictures cannot do it justice"

I'd asked to visit the Grand Canyon - after all it's in Arizona and it would have been a shame not to see it. So, Sunday we had planned as a family day out. Tomas and Charley, Nadine and I were due to go to the Grand Canyon. But... Tomas had homework and Charley said he should stay home (well, actually, there were two football matches on).

So, once again Nadine and I were off on a (mini) road trip. We'd only got back from California the day before, but a further 200 miles didn't seem to bother her. This time we took the Jeep.

The scenery was once again amazing. This time instead of heading due west (for California) we headed due north, over two mountain ranges. Phoenix to Flagstaff, then Williams and North to the rim of the Canyon.

We'd started off in sunny Phoenix, but headed up to over 7,000 feet altitude, so it was colder and snowy. The snow was a pristine white, the roads however (despite four foot of snow either side) were clear and ice free. I loved it! We stopped for shopping (of course) and also stopped quite simply to play in the snow.

We reached the canyon at about 3pm and the sun coloured the scenery with deep reds and gold. The air was freezing, the skies amazing. Nothing I can say and no pictures I took can do it justice - it is one of the most wondrous natural sights that, if you can, you really should see. I would have loved to visit for longer, maybe fly or balloon - but not this time. I've seen it, it touched me. Nature astounds.

I drove the jeep a small way, enjoying the experience of driving a new vehicle in a new country. I enjoyed making snow angels and watching the changing scenery. All the way there, all the way back, new experiences for my senses - the smell, the sights, the sounds. The birds, the mountains, the roads and the towns... everything new and I drank it all in.

My road companion was patient and kind, and even smoked less in my company!

What can I say? I want to go back. I want to see more of that amazing canyon, of the countryside, of the cities and towns. So much to see and do, so little time! But I had a ball - oh yeah, I had a ball.
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