Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did I mention?

Oh goodness, Christmas has come and gone, and I've probably missed lots of 'bloggable' opportunities. There was the trip to London with Cathy, visiting museums and meeting her brother; a gig in Cambridge where the band outnumbered the audience (and we are a duo!) at one point; a week working for a drinks company; a week stacking shelves in the local supermarket and - well plenty really.

And of course changes in job circumstance too! I'm moving back into the not-for-profit sector in the New Year, reviving my fundraising marketing talents with an amazing organisation called Fauna and Flora International.

They are a fantastic international organisation who do amazing work. They are based in Cambridge and I hope to start in February. Meantime I am also doing some consultancy work and still running http://www.thecompletetrainer.com/.

The 'Shave' crew had a get together for some lunch and photos - just for fun.

Well, a short post with not a lot of detail, but once I get my 'flow' back, I'll be blogging again!
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