Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kevin Hill

Kev and Ro, and then Richard. Kev we met through our friend Kevin, the singer in our rock band, Aardvark and No Money - there were always lots of Kevins in our musical world. We quickly became good friends with Kev and Ro and years on, 25 or more years on even, we are still friends.

Kev and Ro are a bit younger than us, but their son Richard is about the same age as our son, Alex. Richard is a talented artist, Kev and Ro worked in the same school (different jobs). The shock of hearing that Kev died, is almost impossible to process. He was, as far as we knew, in good health. He just came home one Friday night, sat down, and said he didn't feel well. And that was it. A heart attack. Not even 50.

We had some good times with Kev and Ro - one of which I will retell here. For New Year's Eve, many years back, Kevin (not Kev, to distinguish the two) worked for Critall Windows in Silver Street. They wanted a band for their party and Kevin suggested that the members of Aardvark play. Not everyone was available so we set up a scratch band which, when we reviewed the wonderful standards we had decided to do, we called 'Shame and Scandal'.

The band featured me on bass, Bryan and Terry (he was our sound engineer) on guitars, Tony on drums, Ro on vocals and tambourine, Kev on keyboards and Kevin singing. It was a riot! In the changing rooms (well, toilets really) Bryan came out and said 'I know you girls put on makeup before a gig, but I've never seen a chap do it'. Kev wore eyeliner, well... it was the 80s!

We had a lot of good times together - Kev and Ro came to festivals with us in the Shave the Monkey days, and we stayed in touch - even if we didn't see each other as often as friends like.

Unfortunately I had to work and couldn't go to the funeral, but John said it was amazing - standing room only and a sunny December day.

I will remember Kev with fondness and affection. And Ro and Richard, I will not lose touch.

So, in loving memory my friend - and to those who have lost someone they love this holiday season, I send my love and warm thoughts. Think of those people as they were when they were living and sharing our lives - and remember those times.
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