Monday, March 23, 2009

A very civilised evening

Saturday night Bryan, Sally and I went to a concert. Only a half hour, but a performance by a young cellist called Simon. Simon plays in Bryan's band, Strangeworld.

He was accompanied by a pianist and the concert took place in Jesus College Chapel, Cambridge. You can't get much more civilised than that! (Beats my last gig which was an Irish evening in Loughton...) Simon played excellently and performed works by Bloch, Beethoven and Debussy (the last piece being a very expressive concerto).

A lovely setting, nice music, and a very pleasant evening all in all. As we rose to go Bryan said 'He plays Beethoven, Bloch and me!' - which is absolutely true! Not sure it puts Bryan in the same category as the other two Bs, but it does show Simon's versatility.

Oh, and Jesus College Chapel is pretty cool too!

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