Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, it may seem I have neglected this little blog, but in truth I've been running two other blogs (work based), plus I should do more on the Sheppard Family History one.

Also, I'm tweeting, facebooking, myspacing... I think ... I'm very scared that I might ... actually be turning into a virtual person too!

Nope - the ironing still needs doing, I can't be that virtual!

Check out my work blog if you get the chance:

And, of course, I'm putting lots of stuff on my main site too

Outside of work I've been designing the cover for Ted's album that Bryan recorded and doing loads of other things. Mel has been accepted by a modelling agency (hardly surprising, she is drop dead gorgeous) and I took Alex up to Coventry University last week for his interview. Conditional acceptance, way to go!!

Right, back to work, that's enough for this lunch time! Oh, I should have another blog post up soon - Shani and I are doing a St Patrick's night on Saturday. Yes, English and Israeli singing Irish songs all night. Should be a laugh! See you at the Gunmakers Arms, Loughton, by any chance??
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