Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Brits love their chocolate!

One of the products I am selling on my trainer site is chocolate, yes chocolate! No, it's not so I can sample the stock, honestly! Though I have tried it and it is rather... mmm...

Thing is, this stuff is 'healthy chocolate' - the way they have processed it makes it a fantastic antioxidant, and I think if taking antioxidants daily is a good healthy thing to do, taking it in chocolate has to be the best option!

Well, I'm going to give it a try on the site, see if the trainers like it, and I'm giving away free samples to get things going.

Aparrently the fastest growing outlet for this chocolate, which was 'invented' and launched in the US, is the UK. We does love our chocolate it seems.

The Food and Drink Federation say:

"The UK confectionery market is valued at an estimated £4.41bn in 2006, although growth is slowing as this sector is seen as unhealthy. A move to more healthy options has occurred amongst suppliers with sugar free versions as well as the inclusion of additives such as vitamins.
In 2005/06 the most obvious trends in the chocolate market were the moves towards darker and more expensive chocolate. The health benefits of cocoa were one of the reasons behind the move towards darker chocolates, which are also perceived as higher quality."

So, healthy chocolate is the way to go. £4.41 billion? How much chocolate is that!! Chocolate Confectionary Industry Insights report that the 2008 UK market for chocolate alone was 6411.3 million Euros!

Is chocolate recession proof? Thing is people get depressed during recession, and often eat chocolate which is known to free the good old endorphins... so it could be that people eat more chocolate during recession. I don't know, it will be interesting to see though.

Right, back to work! I've been distracted by chocolate (and now I REALLY want to open the stock, but I won't....) long enough.
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