Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Learning about EFT

Turning on the 'tap'

My weekend started on Friday evening, with the works Xmas 'do' - a great meal in a lovely hotel, plenty of drink (not too much, I was sensible) and the unusual sight of Zoe dancing on crutches. Saturday was spent quietly, doing some shopping, house stuff, things like that. Sunday, however, I went to London.

Planned for some time, this was a day I was spending completely selfishly. I went to meet Alison Munro and learn about EFT and how to do it (see Extremely Freaky..). It's taken me a few months to coordinate my diary and actually have a free day to go on her programme, so I was really pleased that she could fit me in. As it happened, it was the smallest class she'd ever taken - only two of us.

Normally classes were about 10 people, so Debbie (the other delgate) and I had some real quality one to one teaching. Alison told us about the history of EFT (in its current form it has only been around for 14 years) and how successful it is. We saw videos of wonderfully emotional Americans loving every minute... yeah, I was midly sceptical, except... except I've seen it work.

Alison showed us how to do it, the series of tapping your finger on meridian points around the hand and head, the language you use for 'set up' statements to get the messages right, and how you need to listen and adapt what you say and look for the emotional source of the issue you are tackling. It's odd, I have to say, but it does work.

Alison tapped on each of us, we tapped on each other (but we didn't tap on Alison). It can be used to help with all sorts of things from emotional pain to pyhsical pain, from habit breaking to confidence building. The best way to describe it, she said, was 'Like acupuncture, without the needles'. Folks can relate to that better than the weird meridian point and energy stuff.

Anyway, it was a good day. I enjoyed the programme immensely, found it very beneficial and it gives me a little extra weapon in my armoury for tackling self-confidence issues, nail biting (three weeks now and I've still not bitten them, since my original EFT encounter back in November) and anything else that comes along to challenge me.

Crutch? Supersition? Placebo? Does it matter? If it works - and for me it does - then rock on, I'm on side!
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