Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Coming to America!

"By the time I get to Phoenix..."

The last few years my old man has bought me some pretty fantastic Christmas presents: flying a Tiger Moth, Gliding and - last year - wind tunnel flying. This year he has completely blown me away: I am going to America!

On 8th January I will be flying from Heathrow to Chicago and then on to Phoenix. Now, why (you may ask) am I going there? Because my very good friend, Nadine, lives in Glendale. We've been friends for over a year (via our writing circle. Nadine, Cathy and I are all moderators on the forum and have become firm friends over the last year. I have managed to meet up with Cathy in Ireland a couple of times (see 'A trip to Ireland' and 'oop North') but the thought of managing to meet Nadine, well ... it wasn't on the cards.

So - my husband has been liaising with Nadine over the internet and arranged that I am going to visit for a week. He has also arranged time off at work with my boss and obviously has all the bases covered for my planned absence. He also bought me the National Geographic traveler guide to Arizona... and I am SOOOOO excited!

Grand Canyon, Indian reservations, cities, desert.... so much to see and .. and.. I have no idea what we will fit in over just one week, but maybe even cross the border to California.

Now, almost everyone seemed to know about this present (my neighbours, my friends, my colleagues and, of course, my family) and Nadine (yeah, and Cathy) of course. When I opened my present and saw the tickets and book - I have to say I was speechless.

Now all I have to do is be PATIENT!.... (fat chance) and plan what to pack, what to wear, what to ... aargh! I'm going to America! I've never been outside Europe before, this is going to be soooooo cool.

What can I say? Well, I could mention what I bought Bryan for Xmas, but it's going to pale into insignificance, isn't it?

A shirt.
A board game.
A coffee maker
A black, bat shaped electric bouzouki.

He's drunk so much coffee he must be jizzed out his skin, and he hasn't stopped playing his new instrument. He's going to wear his shirt today and I'm sure we'll play the board game soon.

Just remains for me to say Merry Christmas to one and all. And yeah, you bet I'm going to have some new stories for my blog over the next few weeks!
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