Thursday, April 28, 2016

Perspective and reflective

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I realised this week that I’ve been blogging for ten years. My, it doesn’t seem that long until I look back at some of my earlier posts and realise how naieve they are. It’s about perspective, isn’t it? At the time, it seemed relevant. Today, I have a different view and if I had the time I might have gone and edited many of those posts.  But I don’t have the time, and they stand as they are.

Of course, as I observed in my last blog, our perspective changes with age. But some things in our mind are timeless, even though in reality they most certainly are not. 

About fifteen years ago our family visited Scotland and called in on a good friend who worked at the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition in Drumnadrochit. He had been so close to us in the past – a fellow London musician who had supported our bands as sound engineer, and in later years also played with us in a few ad hoc, fun musical conglomerations.

Fifteen years ago he was probably around 65 but in my mind he was always that younger man, about 45 (which was still much older than us when we first met him). Fifteen years on from 65 would have made him an old man of 80 today. Sadly I learned that he had passed away last December, and we had no chance to mourn or pay our respects.  I can see him now though, he’s still got curly blond hair, a ginger beard and wears a big hat.  He rolls his own in a very secretive, close to his body sort of way. He loves his heavy rock, and is an excellent parordy writer. I know I saw him grey and thinning at our last meeting, but that later image is not as strong as that of the friend who we spent so many musical hours with in our younger years.

Once again it is the strongest images that remain.  Terry my dear friend, you are remembered and loved and still playing AC DC as loud as you can.
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