Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buddy can you spare a biscuit?

Halfway to Sierra Vista and we stop over at a well known fried chicken emporium where a dandy white suit and a bowtie are the preferred attire of the founder.

We went in and Nad said 'you have to try a biscuit'. This was following a conversation in the car (road trip!) about cookies, crackers and biscuits.

In this instance, a biscuit was a scone. A savoury scone - but nonetheless light, fluffy, round and about an inch and a half high. But this wasn't a scone, this was a biscuit. And very tasty it was too - unlike the dried up carcass of spiced chicken limb accompanied by 'wedges' (which were, I believe, once parts of a potato).

After completely confusing the gent serving us with my English accent, we ate our meal and looked at the view outside, admiring the amazing scenery. Buddy (he wore a anme badge on his bright red shirt) came out to talk to us. 'Noticed the camera'. Though he may not have served us the best meal in the world, he turned out to be a valuable contributor to our road trip.  Buddy told us how he'd 'worked in nearly all the states in the US, fifteen of them' (funny, I thought there were more than that) and how he loved this place the best.

And Buddy told us about Ramsey Canyon, just south of Sierra Vista. He told us how to get there, and how we could see hummingbirds (on that word I was instantly sold, of course) just everywhere.

We visted Ramsey Canyon, part of The Nature Conservancy, the next day and it turned out to be a wonderful place. We spent a whole morning there - I could have spent a week. So thanks Buddy, I'll always be grateful for your tip, if not the stomach ache.
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