Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spare time

In my spare time - of which there isn't an awful lot - I like to make jewellery. Mostly earrings, as that's all I've learned to do so far.

I have made far more than I could ever wear, so I take them to places I play and try and sell a few too. My favourite ones are the ones made out of guitar picks - and when I found picks featuring a certain cartoon character from TV, I couldn't resist! See what you think - the photos are not great, but hopefully you can see enough to get an idea.

These I call 'sparkly' - you can't really tell on here but they are faux diamonds that are very pretty. They are on silver posts.

These I call 'Rock Chick' - you can't tell but they have a 'beaten alumnium' look, very metal or grunge or... er... well, whatever! They were expensive to make as the picks were not cheap, but I really like these.

I made a necklace to go with them too - at the moment it hangs centrally with the chain going through the two outer holes, but I may change it so that it hangs at an angle, like the earrings. And if you had these, you'd never be short of a plectrum at your gig again (as long as you remembered to wear them).

These I christened 'Peacock' because they have that wonderful shimmering appearance when the light hits them, just like a peacock feather. They are simply four sequins on the end of a headpin (the long bit) with two purple glass beads on the pin, attached to metal fishhooks (not real fishhooks, but earring hooks).

These are made using a gold coloured metal, which gives a nice contrast to the dark bluey-black of the sequins and the shiny purple beads.

Now I guess you may recognise this smiley fella, but I'm not sure I can name him because of copyright and all sorts of issues - but I paid for the picks, so I've paid my licence fee for using him! He is of an underwater nature and has rectangular underwear. I have another pair I made featuring two of his pals (see below), great fun!

Having shown you a few of my earrings, I hope I get some feedback. I would love to know if they are worth selling, and any ideas for how I could sell them. I think putting them on Ebay would probably not be worth it as they are only going to be sold for between £3-£5, and if you want a box, then that's another 45p, plus postage. I love doing them, but I have such a collection now I really must look at ways of selling them if I can.

I need some advice on how to photograph them too - my digital doesn't really seem to capture the colours right or the detail.

The first pair are wooden beads on silver fishhooks, the second are oblong enamel beads on gold coloured metal, and the last are the cartoon ones on silver coloured metal.

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