Monday, June 01, 2009

Danny La Rue and Marty Feldman

I just heard that Danny La Rue died, aged 81. See my previous post about the time I met him. I would say it is sad to hear he has passed - but instead I would much rather celebrate his extraordinary life. Let's be happy for what he gave us as an entertainer.

Here's a (short) obituary for him from Lurgan (he was an Irishman):

I'm sure we will hear more about the 'comic in a frock' as the news pick up on the story and the researchers put together all the wealth of material they have about him. He was in the Black and White Minstrel show, a TV series that my mother also worked on, so I may have met him then as well. All I can say is I found him a nice guy. He wasn't nearly as frightening as Marty Feldman who I met when I was about 5 years old.

I met Marty in the changing rooms of Queens Park Rangers football club. They were filming a comedy sketch with the Royal Family as a football team. I remember him leaning over me, friendly, saying hello to the little girl on the bench... bless I'm sure he meant well but it did unnerve me.

For some reason, and I don't know what (and I'm not sure Sally remembers either), she had to do a plaster cast of his nose (which was, shall we say, prominent). We had this plaster cast for many years, along with many other weird and wonderful casts (including some 'Vulcan' ears), but plaster deteriorates and, after storage in a damp shed, it had to be disposed of.
May they both rest in peace - two great entertainers who added humour to our world.

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