Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Wedding Player

"Hired for a night"

The other night I played with the Brookfield Band at a wedding. The Wedding of Tamara and Rob (nope, no idea who they were). But Tamara looked stunning. Slender and with a most fabulous dress. Not the best for barn dancing in, but she did her best, along with many others in high heels (mostly the girls).

Whilst we set up, a pianist entertained on a grand piano. He played some nice stuff, no music, just playing lots of tunes form memory. We were nearly set up when he started playing Eine Kleine Nacht Music. Rachel, our violin player, started to join in, so did I on bass, and then Wendy on whistle. It sounded great! Very impromptu and the audience (busy eating their desserts) applauded.

Mind you - we arrived at the venue at 6.45 and we didn't start playing till nearly 9pm. We finished at 11.30 but they danced non-stop - high heels lined on the edge of our low stage.

I really enjoyed playing that night (and I got paid, even better!).
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