Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lost in Loughton

"We play at a new venue in Essex"

Keith, the guy from the pub in Loughton, asked me to play at a gig at the Murray Hall in Debden near Loughton. Shani came round at 6.30 and we headed south - down the A10 into Essex Land. Unfortunately, Shani forgot the map and we spent half an hour driving round and round. Everyone we asked sent us different directions, and by the time we arrived at the gig it had already started.

There were some of the folks from the other gig in Loughton (Danny actually plays piano brilliantly as well as singing fantastically). The hall was an amazing building - big, great acoustics, arched roof. The audience were a mixture, locals mostly.

Shani and I played a lively set and it went down very well. The funny thing was, that at the end of the evening the main host passed round leaflets asking if we'd like to attend the next 'rally'. Unbeknownst to us we'd just played at a political fund-raiser!

Well, thank goodness it wasn't something drastically off our own (mixed) political views!
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