Thursday, June 15, 2006

Throwing stones in glass houses

When I first set up my blog and wandered through others, I was appalled at those who set up their first post and then seemingly abandoned their blog... first post being last post. But here I am - having spent the first few days filling my blog with my meanderings and then I go and commit the same crime - that of neglect.

But why? Ahhh.. it is because I have been wooed by the appeal of a writers circle website. I spend ages on there now, helping others edit work, getting feedback from my own, chatting to anarchist punk rockers or Texas housewives, Candian Air Traffic controllers and a lovely writer from Ireland.

I need to put more on here - because I am safe here. No one reads this so no one comments on my grammar, or my spelling (I know I've spelt appalling wrong).

So goodnight sweet blog, and I promise not to neglect you so in weeks to come.
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