Thursday, June 22, 2006

Greenham Common

For those who are too young to remember, or not based in the US, Greenham Common was a US military airbase in the UK full of cruise missiles. A peace camp shut it down. More info here's the impression it made on me, visiting for the first time, aware of the history.

Gone from GreenhamT
he tents, the city built on belief.
Gone from Greenham
The silos, the harbingers of destruction.
Gone from Greenham
The song and the spirit - the hope and the glory.
Now a strong summer wind
Whips the young trees
Around new silos.
Square, imposing, cold grey silos.
The harbingers of industry.
No gods of death rule here,
The gods of money hold sway.
And on the common the lark shouts
On the common the coltsfoot clambers
The footprint forgotten
The snick of metal on metal replaced
By the creak of heather in the wind.
And the only flag flying isThe shock of yellow gorse.
All around is peace.
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