Monday, May 01, 2006

Wild and Willy

Not a typo - I mean wild and Willy, not wild and wooly. This weekend I supported "Wild Willy Barrett" at a music club. It was ... interesting! Extraordinary musicianship (he had a distinctly flamenco guitar style) and interesting choice of music (bluegrass/country/folk/Irish). A weird combination. He had a cellist and a uillean (sp?) piper with him, both of whom also played the harmonium. All in all - a very entertaining evening. A good sense of humour, laid back, nice on-stage atmosphere and the audience (one of my favourites) was really appreciative. Not only did they love Willy and his gang (whom they had come specially to see) but they were nice to me too. And they sang for me - one song I do has to have audience participation or, as I succinctly put it "look a right tit". They wouldn't do that to me - they sang for me. That's what I love about acoustic music - the audience is so much part of the game.

Today I went to a fair in Reach, near Cambridge. I didn't play music - a nice change! I spent £1 on the tombola (no win) and £8.50 on three crepes (daylight robbery I'm telling ya!). I chatted to the knights in armour (Swords of Chivalry) and wandered around with the family. Best bit? The lovely Suffolk cider in the pub.
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