Sunday, April 16, 2006

A musical evening

Just got back from a folk club in Hitchin (Herts) and had a lovely evening. Two performers - Cathryn Craig (from Virginia but lives in Nashville) and Brian Willoughby (used to be in UK folk-rockers 'The Strawbs'). She has a superb voice that soars, and he is a guitarist extraordinaire. Always inspires me to see them play - gentle banter on stage, lovely music and two lovely people. Met them first about two years ago (also at Hitchin) when B and I were doing support. We just hit it off - straight away. Brian held some words for me (OK, not very professional I know) because I had forgotton a music stand and the song was new and I hadn't learned the words. Yay - I had an international music star (hew was in 'Guitarist' magazine the other month) as a music stand!

So tonight was lovely - I wasn't working, I was just there for the fun of it. Beats yesterday night. P and I did a 'spot' at a party. We were in a barn (not primitive at all) in Suffolk at the party of 'landed gentry' - a friend of ours. He had a young band on to start (Delicious Beef - great name, but they've got a lot to learn still), then we did a quick spot, then DB came on again and then some more folks played later. It was a nice party - lots of people - no one I knew (apart from the host) and lots of music. The young band were very willing, very eager - just what you want to see. But no foldback! Eeek, couldn't hear a bloody thing and the mix was terrible. Which is a shame - because the barn itself is magical.

We used to rehearse in the barn and I would often turn up first just to sit in there and sing with my guitar - the acoustic is wonderful. But plug in a live band and turn the volume on high and the sounds just bounced around. Never mind, good time had by all (though not proud of my performance because of the sound mash).

But back to Cathryn & Brian - they perform 'country' style songs and her voice is so clear and strong. I think. She sang on Nanci Griffith's last album, and has been on loads of other things (that I, here in the UK and being a folkie, not countrified, know naught of). But two really nice people, wonderful musicians. Sigh ... inspired me to grab my old man and get us playing together more! We can do it.

Now, to bed, 'cos its bloody late and I'm tired.
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