Saturday, March 29, 2014

Missing people

At a conference last week, I attended a presentation by Missing People. Even with an audience that was, in the majority, colleagues from the charity sector, the speaker presented his cause and told the story so well that many were moved. In my case, I couldn’t stop the tears. Missing People help find missing young people, adults, offer family support and work closely with the police.

Later on during the conference, I chatted with a lady (from a hospice) about how we were all impressed with Missing People. She had thought, during the talk, how difficult it must be for someone in that situation to be at the presentation.  I mentioned that I had lost touch with my own brother 22 years ago. She had been sitting next to me. At least she didn't notice me cry.

It’s a strange thing – sometimes you don’t think about it at all, at other times it’s like you only saw the missing person yesterday and still feel their presence. For me, it’s hard sometimes still, for my mother, it must be even harder.

Phil, second from right
But it must be far, far worse for those who have lost children, or teenagers. I can’t imagine losing touch with my children or the many other young people who brighten my life through them.

Missing people – it doesn’t just mean that  people have gone missing, it means that you miss them too. I miss my brother.

The service Missing People provide is confidential, they support families and individuals, the missing and the missed. They look for those who are in danger, and frequently save lives. I won’t try and tell you how exceptional this charity is – I’ll just leave you their website, and the phone number.

Missing People helpline 116 000

Missing People website  

Pre-register for their child alert programme:  

And just to remind you of Melody's song about this:

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