Monday, March 28, 2011

Along the Devil's Dyke

Yesterday I went with 12 others for a walk along the Devil's Dyke. It's a lovely old earthwork, one of the best preserved in the UK. The weather was mild and a bit misty (the sun came out after the walk was over). I didn't take any photos but I wish I had - the views over the fens were wonderful. I saw larks and some partridge, but not a lot of wildlife. I think 24 tramping boots probably put paid to any chances of that. You can see some really nice pictures here:

The company was good. We didn't set a killing pace, just ambled along really, changing who we talked to as we went along. I spent some time talking to a lawyer who travels 2 hours each way into and out of London every day. Not sure I'd like that commute. She keeps chickens and is automating their pen. A real mixture of high-tech and ... well, chickens! After the walk we had a convoy of six cars taking us to a restaurant called the Missing Sock.

The food was lovely, and a reasonable price and there was a dog in the garden to play with, ponies and rabbits! An interesting and unusual sort of restaurant, one which has live music (I will try and get to play there sometime I think) and a host of characters who run the place. I can highly recommend it. I went into the garden and threw the ball for the dog, and whilst feeding the rabbits a young lady came out (at a birthday lunch with her granny) and said 'I didn't come here to be sexually harassed.' - Oh my, what on earth happened? The young lady looked around 17, but was in fact 15. 'He asked me for my facebook' she said, shocked. Because, after all, the guy was 22!! I suggested she take it as a compliment and agreed that on no account should she give him her facebook. Ah, how times have changed. In my day 'sexual harassment' (if we'd had the term) would have been someone pinching yer bum.

The reason we were all there was for a friend's birthday. 14 of us sat down to dinner in a huge circle - it was a bit like King Arthur's round table.

That was a nice way to spend the first half of a Sunday. (The rest of it was household stuff, but the walk and meal fortified me for that.)
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