Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A lovely day out

Last weekend I took my son back to Uni in Wales and stayed overnight, planning a leisurely journey back. It was very leisurely indeed! A five or so hour journey took me all day because I went the 'scenic route' as my father would have called it.

First stop was the town of Lampeter which I had a little wander round - but it started to rain so I hit the road. Trusting the sat nav (which has never taken me the same route twice as yet) I headed for home and my first, unscheduled, stop was Raglan Castle. I just saw the sign and thought 'why not?' and drove up to this magnificent edifice. I took lots and lots of photos, but strangely my camera went on strike and only saved a few.

I had a quiet wander round the castle - by now it was not raining and the autumn sun lit the colours of the trees and cast long shadows on the castle walls.

Further on I drove, enjoying the autumn leaves. The sat nav decided for some reason to take me back via Gloucester (having arrived via Bath) and - realising where I was (I do hate the disconnection with route that these automatons engender, but I was travelling alone so it made sense) I thought a quick diversion to Minchinhampton would be in order. And - travelling through the centre of Gloucester and out the other side, I once again visited the little town near where my family lived many generations ago.

I had visited the town with my family some 40 years ago, but had no memories of it save the grave of some relatives which I had in my mind because of a photograph my father took. I knew what to look for and found the church. Exploration brought me quickly to their tomb - my ancient relatives who lie beneath now crumbling marble. Sad to see how it has deteriorated, but I may be able to salvage the words on the tomb from the earlier photograph for they are nearly completely obliterated by time now. They are the ones surrounded by the little iron fence.

There's more information on the town here - Minchinhampton - it's very picturesque. I wandered around the town enjoying the old buildings and the feel of the place. I then headed off home, along roads lit by autumn sun and then enjoying a red sunset. A day with no pressure, no time limit, just A to B at my own pace. A very nice day indeed.

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