Friday, September 04, 2009

The most amazing blog party on earth!

It's over - a whole month of blog party on Nadine's site, - and it was amazing!

It had visitors from 56 countries! Authors gave away 31 books... and there were not only many participants in each daily 'party' (with some days running to nearly 100 comments) but hundreds of 'lurkers' who just hung around and watched the fun.

Nadine is not only a good writer, she's an amazing friend to writers all over the world. She shares her experience and wisdom (I keep telling her she should charge for this!) and her blog party was incredible - giving other authors exposure, new site visits and more sales.

When it comes to writing, people think it's a lonely world (visions of dusty attics, clattering typewriters and smoke-ridden, dusty dens), but the internet has changed that. Writing is usually a solo experience, but with forums like and authors like Nadine out there, it isn't like that any more.

Visit her blog, take a look through the posts, find out about some amazing books, and visit her website too. Spread the word, spread the love, and help independent (and mainstream too) writers:

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