Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bombs in Mallorca

I know the lovely Ballearic Island of Mallorca reasonably well, compared to most holiday destinations I've visited. Reason is, I go back there often as mother lives there part of the year. - in a small village above Palma.

My daughter is out there now, with her friends, with my mother. And the bombs, claimed by ETA (the Basque separatist group), are in places I know, places we've been. The first bomb killed two policemen and was a 'military' (establishment?) target. Subsequent bombs have been in tourist areas. But no tourists killed. ETA don't want that kind of publicity I guess - but see policemen as acceptable targets?

I don't know the politics - I think of Mallorca/Spain a bit like Wales/England. A separate cultural history, language, but subsumed (not always a negative) by the larger neighbour. But no matter what politics is involved, I can't accept bombing - even of static targets (buildings, things, not people).

Am I worried? Not really - I think statistically the chances of my family being hurt by a bomb in Mallorca are probably smaller than them getting hit by a car in our home town. But I'm a long way away, and that does hurt. Good thing I'm going out soon.
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