Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ah - I did something today I've not actually done in ages. Nothing! Yes, nothing. I lay on the lawn in the warm sun and did nothing. I felt the tickle of small bugs as they crawled over me - a huge interference. I listened to the screech of the swallows diving across the clear blue sky.

I heard the snore of my cat who chose the discomfort of heat so that she could have companionship in the sun. I heard the chatter of neighours and smelled the smoke of early barbecue preparations. And the rustle of the frogs amongst the pond plants - a splash as they chased the sun from the edge of the pool.

I felt the prickle of the grass beneath my back and the hard, dry ground underneath me, unyeilding. I lay, content to do nothing except, occasionally, read a few pages of my book. But mostly I just felt that warm sun on my skin and the weight of a lovely lunch settling in my stomach.

What a peaceful afternoon.
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