Saturday, December 20, 2008

"20th anniversary reunion of folk-rock band Shave the Monkey"

Well, it was five years to the day that Shave last played at Hitchin Folk Club. On 30th November we had a superb night - full hall and a chance to catch up with friends from far and near.

Despite a few hiccups with the PA, the evening went well and it was great to sing and play the old numbers (and a new one too) again.

On 13th December we had the opportunity to play our second 20th Anniversary concert at Bridgwater Arts Centre. Yes - 20 years since Shave the Monkey first started! The Arts Centre gig was great - the PA was superb and we had a lovely stage and lighting and the audience were feisty!

There's photos from Hitchin and Bridgwater on my flickr page.

The journey home from Bridgwater was a chilly one - freezing fog, flooded fields, sheep dong the breast stroke and roads turned to rivers! But we made good time home.
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