Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Awake

An unexpected performance

For quite a few weeks now Penni had told us of a party for her mother. Her mother has severe cancer, the prognosis is not good. So she decided to have a party. Why have all the fun when she's dead and can't be there? Was the idea. So instead of a wake, we went to an 'awake'.

What I didn't realise is that we were expected to play, so after arriving in the small but picturesque village of Braughing, I had to drive back home again and pick up my bass (Bryan had his mandolin, smart man).

We played for about 45 minutes and the audience, including Penni's mum, seemed to enjoy us (we got booked for the local Rotary, so can't have been too bad).

A short post, but not the last post. Though I've tons more to write on Spain (swimmin wiv da fishes, the Arab Baths and all sorts)... I just don't seem to have the concentration to write up my wonderful holiday in a suitably consumable format. The above pic is me in Palma, enjoying a vino tinto and a lot of sun! Ah well, never mind. Just know that I had fun and so did the rest of us. And in case you were wondering, the journey back was pretty rough for Mel too, but we didn't need an ambulance this time - just lots of sick bags!
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