Friday, August 22, 2008

New business launched

"The baby has arrived, let's hope it grows up to be a beauty!"

Oh my - after months of preparation work, hours of figuring stuff out, working with web designers and trainers and ... and ... well, the new business has launched. Now totally separate from where I used to work, I am running the whole show more or less on my own. Well, actually, not really - I have an 18 year old assistant for a few weeks. And she's brilliant!

What next? Well, there's all the marketing to get people to visit my site, and hopefully BUY something, and then the tweaking, refining, adding more products and generally doing everything I can to get us higher in the search engine listings. That's a challenge!

But one I am looking forward to, really looking forward to. What is this wonder site? The Complete Trainer - a site to sell stuff to trainers. Wish me luck, I need it! Timing is not great, we are hitting a bona fide recession and training is usually one of the first things to go (but then, saving money, perhaps in house trainers will buy my stuff instead of going to agencies - who knows!)
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