Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm off to Ireland again

A couple of weeks and I will go to Ireland to visit my pals in Warrenpoint. We have a plan - a cunning plan! I arrive, they pick me up, we get to their house, open a beer or two.

We get Chinese takeaway.

We go out, we open a beer or two.

Sometime... the next day... we take a train to Dublin.

We go out. We get Chinese. We open a beer or four. Stumble into hotel.

We wake up (hopefully still in hotel and not on floor of bar) and ... open a beer or two to get rid of headache.

Look round Dublin.

Train back to Warrenpoint. Open a beer or two...

Back to the airport, fly home.

As you can see, a stunning cultural itinerary!

Well - watch this space, see what 'really' happens!
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