Friday, April 11, 2008

A touch of grace

Reminded of the important things in life

I was late home from work - the exhibition stand man was an hour late in arriving to show us how to put up the stand for Monday, computers had been going wrong all week (the bit - the ONLY bit - that I am responsible for) and on the way home the traffic was awful.

I got home and was greeted with a 'computer crisis' - the Xbox was not talking to our internet connection, our computer would not talk to Xbox websites, and I had an unhappy son and a stressed husband.

I had a quick look, but a tecchie friend phoned and offered some advice. No resolution found. By now, quarter past six, I was late for karate. Very late. I rushed out with a quick 'have a good concert' to the old man (off to see Jethro Tull - my, are they still alive, and playing?) and got to the hall. I looked for my cheque book - couldn't find it! I knew I'd had it on Sunday... eventually remembered it was in my training kit bag, not my handbag. Relief. I got into the hall and the lesson half way through. With no seniors training (not just grown ups, but of a certain level - belt colour), it would finish in 20 minutes. Ho hum - too late to train, but at least I did manage to pick up my new gi. Why I didn't have one is another story - but I purchased my nice bright white karate suit and left the hall, leaving small people doing small karate, but with big ambition.

The main hall we do karate in (our dojo) is divided into three and two other martial arts groups train the same night as our club. I paused to look through at the next group (I knew a few of the guys, karate black belts who were now trying something new) and a small girl, standing there with her father said "Hello."

She had an engaging smile. She looked slightly different, something about her facial proportion, her manner, her stance, and she had a lovely smile. Her father, standing by, smiled down at his daughter. "What's your name?" she asked me. We had a five minute, and very pleasant, exchange. She is 8 years old, has an older sister (who was doing choi kwan do in the furthest part of the hall). She liked doing drawings of flowers today, and she likes magnets. She and her father were watching the other groups, the dad said he was considering starting karate. What about your daughter? She's old enough to join, I said. He said she had balance problems, part of her condition.

She asked me where I lived, I said in the town - I knew where she probably lived from the name on her school jumper. She was a sweet child. I looked at the father, and the child. I shook her hand and said how nice it was to meet her, and went on my way.

Her name was Grace.
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