Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lunch is served!

We meet Stewkey, the singing greyhound

Our friends Sam and Charlie (the former is female) invited us round for a roast lamb lunch. Sounded good, though Bryan insisted on salad (and his diet is going very well thank you) with his. Though a little crowded round the table, their two dogs - Ted the Terrier and Stewkey the Greyhound - sat patiently on the sofa behind us as we ate. Stewkey could smell the meat and his jowels quivered at the succulent aroma.

We were served wine with a strawberry in each glass (class or what!) and enjoyed a meal with good chat, good company and good food. Stewkey and Ted are a matching pair - how can a greyhound and something a litle like a Jack Russell be a pair? Their coats are the same, white with mottled brown and black. So one looks like a 'mini-me' of the other. But Stewkey regaled us with a hitherto unknown talent - he could sing!

"Come on Stewkey" said Sam, and he sang. He put his slender snout into the air and howled most musically. Ted, on the other hand, could do nothing but yap - a poor comparison.

After lunch we were given a demonstration of the Wii - an electronic gaming console that was quite fun. Bryan tried tennis and golf and I tried the boxing game. It didn't react fast enough for me (I guess all that karate has given me a decent speed punch) but it was fun. Dominic, their hyperactive son, was of course the expert.
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