Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The most unusual birthday present

In which I do not take up the habit....

One of my cyber friends is an ex-nun (and an ex-microbiologist too). But that's not why I thought of this... no. My two best friends on the internet are an ex-nun from America and an Irish Catholic (sort of links in with the 'habit' byline, eh?). Both of them smoke.

I, myself, personally that is, do not smoke. In fact, as my friends (cyber and non-cyber) will tell you, I do everything I can to persuade others not to smoke. And I stoop to baser tricks too - such as stealing lighters, squashing roll-ups, hiding tobacco and ensuring that any smoker who dares enter the portals of my house is sent firmly into the garden when they wish to light up.

Do I sound a bit extreme? Well, maybe.

So ... can you imagine my surprise when a 'friend' (ahem, someone not too far away, from a small island very close to England) sends me for my birthday the most wonderful sea wind chime (driftwood and shells) and ... a pack of 20 fags?!

I am told that they were bought at the same time as my delightful present and sent to me in error. I, however, believe that her inner self is succumbing to my persistent nagging to give up the wicked weed.

Unfortunately, being soft in the head, I am posting them back to her. But I just might include a set of 'How to Quit' guides that you can get free in the local chemist...
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