Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here come the women in black...

Today did my first mini-gigette with a new line up - just a duo. Shani and I have been rehearsing for a few weeks to get some stuff together for the 'free folk day' - and tonight we played and did our first live performance together.

The set we did was just 15 minutes in the middle of the barn dance and though there was some faffing around with set up, we did our set and seemed to go down well.

Shani plays acoustic rock really, and with my folky/country type stuff as well, it was an interesting mix.

I like Shani's songs, and enjoy playing bass on them, and it seems to work vice versa too. It was - oh my goodness! - a normal gig. Well, apart from the power going in the middle of once dance (and the whole marquee being plunged into darkness).

And then on the way home as we crossed the M11, about 8 police cars and vans on the Duxford roundabout. And another 7 incident vans zooming past once we were on the A505. Phew! Didn't realise folk music would cause such a stir!

Now I'm home, tired, and checking my emails, forum and blog of course. My feet hurt. My shoes were gig shoes, not dancing shoes, but I danced anyway. I am a terrible dancer, but who cares!

I had a fun night, I think Shani enjoyed it too, and we will probably do some more music together. Shani introduced the set in Hebrew, but I don't think anyone actually noticed.. ..
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