Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My take on the universe

I was sitting on the bog today, letting my mind wander whilst other things happened, and sort of organised my own view of the universe. Just for me. So I understand it - so it makes sense to me.

I'm not a religious person, but very tolerant. If you believe in a God/Gods, then they exist for you. I won't argue. I won't share your belief, but I can't decry it.

So how does this link in with the universe? Well - kind of energy is what I'm thinking. Take faith healers - they believe that with the power of God they can make people well. And it works sometimes too - amazing, extraordinary, unexplainable (through scientific logic that is). And Chinese healers using Chi, and Reiki, and so many strange and wonderful healing, therapeutic and beneficial practices that have a result we can't explain. Do we need to explain them? If the faith healer and the reike practioner are getting great results, they are doing something. They are tapping into an energy or force or whatever you like to call it (watch out Luke Skywalker!) and using it for beneficial results. So there is something there that they access, even though we don't know or understand how.

Some people use crystals for healing, or herbs, or dowse, or pray or even use hypnosis. All of these have one thing in common - the belief of the practitioner. There is belief because there are results. Despite scientific and clinical tests, somewhere along the line there are people who benefit from 'alternative' therapies.

Going back to my energy theory, this links in with religions of all kinds. God - one big energy created the world. Many gods - pagan, Hindu, whichever religion you choose - they could all be different energies. Some people worship or find deity in the simplest of things - perhaps what they are recognising is its innate energy.

I don't know - this is a very undeveloped theory at the moment, and someone somewhere else has probably refined it wonderfully. But it makes sense to me.
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